We take pride our products are practical and cost-effective. With our specialization and in-depth domain expertise, we are able to provide reliable products to organization in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI).

Universal Alert Management Solution (uAlert) – Multi Channel Messaging

Personalize your brand engagement by keeping your customers informed on key financial information according to their preference.

Intelligent Image Recognition (i2R)

Intelligent Image Recognition (i2R) is a business-ready solution and can be used by Financial Industries and other industries by capturing document-based information.

Universal Data Conversion System (UDCS)

Universal Data Conversion System (UDCS) is a one stop solution for all file structure conversion requirements.

Credit Union Loan Management System (eKOPS)

eKOPS is one-stop centre for all co-operative related process and queries.


Banks can use our automated systems to process lockbox payments rapidly for large numbers of customers base, such as utilities, insurance, hybermarkets..