Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Ascertain Business Solutions are designed to bridge gaps between sales & delivery, core banking, back end systems and business analytics.

Client Onboarding (ACOB) – Imaging, Workflow, Notification, Data Conversion and Interface Manager Solution

Ascertain Client Onboarding (ACOB) is a combination of Ascertain Imaging, workflow, notification, data conversion and interface Manager solutions.

Transaction Screening System (TSS)

TSS facilitates compliance to regulatory guidelines on inflow and outflow cross border payments.

Dividend Management System (DMS)

DMS mainly handles dividends, general offer, capital repayment, interest payment, rights issuance rights refund, income distribution, REIT payments and

Global Positive Pay (GPP)

Global Positive Pay (GPP) is a fraud prevention mechanism that reconciles cheque being encashed against details of the cheque issued by the account holder.

Bulk Payment Manager

Bulk Payment Manager is a web based system developed & designed to handle the end to end electronic and paper based bulk payment processing workflow.

Document Assessor

Document Assessor is having the technology to create, capture, index, maintain, store and retrieve and dispose the information like electronic documents,