Universal Alert Management Solution (uAlert) – Multi Channel Messaging

Universal Alert Management Solution (uAlert) – Multi Channel Messaging

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Universal Alert Management Solution (uAlert) is an information alerting solution designed to empower Financial Institutions to keep its customers engaged via multiple channels such as SMS, Email, Fax and Push notification etc., using a single platform. As an integrated solution, along with Universal Data Conversion System (UDCS) for solution integration & Admission and Implementation Management System (AIMS) for workflow management, it becomes a complete solution for banks multi-channel alert and notification broadcasting requirements and concerns. uAlert is flexible enough to handle most of the standard multi-channel alert and notification broadcasting requirements
With capabilities of UDCS, onboarding of any bank channel becomes easy and reduces any customization requirement in legacy system. It also makes the data exchange highly monitorable and easy to control.

Multi-channel Alerting
Solution supports broadcasting alerts such as Email, SMS and Push Notification and is extendable for Fax, Bank Mobile Apps and other custom channels

Multilingual Alert/Notification
Template Builder screens are free to amend any characters that supports UTF-8 encoding and can be used to build templates in any language such as Malay, Chinese etc.

Notification Template Management
Solution comes with advanced screens to build and manage templates. Templates support inserting images and placeholders for dynamic parameters from event data projection. Separate templates can be maintained for different channels such as SMS, Email and Push Notification. Email with PDF Attachment template is also customizable.

Account Event Subscription and Service Packaging
Solution supports both batch processing and real-time integration and request response based. Service requests are configured with data sets.

uAlert Solution provides the edge needed to create and retain positive mindshare with the bank’s customers. Deploying this microservice based, modular solution enables the Bank to
offer customized multi-channel alerts to its customers.
The solution allows sophisticated features such as alert subscriptions, no-disturb times and choice of delivery channel/s.