Intelligent Image Recognition (i2R)

Intelligent Image Recognition (i2R)

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Intelligent Image Recognition (i2R) is a business-ready solution and can be used by Financial Industries and other industries by capturing document-based information. The system will extract data using various technology such as OCR/ICR/SVU/OMR/Barcode. It is able to extract data from thousands of documents, process, manage documents, manage watchlist and have built-in workflow. At the same time, its flexible design enables various extension possibilities to also address other capture needs within an enterprise.

Business Competence

  • Banking and Finance
  • Business Process Automation

Key Features of IDR & Imaging Solutions

Printed cheques
Printed text scanning (e.g. invoices, legal
documents, standing instructions)
Match return keywords

Hand written text
Hand printed text
Rule based engine

Capturing human-marked data from document
forms such as surveys and tests

Automated signature verification
Multiple signature reference comparison

2D Barcode
Facilitate to hold a significant amount of information
E.g. Onboarding application, forms, OTT etc..


  • Affordable
  • Ready-made Solution
  • Flexible
  • Ready for Tight Integration
  • Multi-Channel Input
  • Trainable
  • Well-Designed Verification UI
  • Automated PO and Master Data Matching
  • Straight-Through Processing
  • Archiving of Invoice Images
  • Ready for Large Companies and International Businesses
  • Business Process Automation