Dividend Management System (DMS)

Dividend Management System (DMS)


DMS mainly handles dividends, general offer, capital repayment, interest payment, rights issuance rights refund, income distribution, REIT payments and Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) payments end to end pre and post processing activities. As of today DMS have successfully processed millions of transactions and handles data validation along the way seamlessly.

DMS maintains & understands all the Registrars profiles, counter, cycle management and its business scope, rules, file formats (inbound/outbound), conversions and registrar specific reports. DMS supports the various registrar specific requirements such as Payment Aggregation (at transaction level), Cycle Level Segregation, Complete Fee-Billing Module with GST compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Compatible to all the registrars in Malaysia
  • Easily can onboard any new registrar / support new file format
  • Easy implementation – Plug in model
  • Integrated SMS and Email engine for notifications to beneficiary
  • E2E dividend management system